Thermal Ice has been supplying us with gel ice packs for the last 5 years. Their product and service is of high quality. There have been times that we have forgotten to place an order and the team at Thermal Ice have supplied us with frozen gel ice packs on very short notice. I highly recommend their products and great service.

Jacob, Factory Logistics Manager

Online Meal Delivery Company, NSW

We are an online meal delivery business located in Queensland which was established in 2018. When we first started our business we used the IcePak Wraps for keeping our meals cold during delivery which worked well and were beneficial for our minimal volumes delivering just locally. Due to our social media presence and our great customer feedback for our meals, we have experienced huge growth over the last couple of years providing meals all over Australia now. We switched over to ordering pallets of gel ice packs which were great and saved us time. After further growth of our company, we now do not have enough freezer space or time required to freeze the gel ice packs and we now order pallets of Pre-Frozen Gel Ice Packs along with ambient ones also as we have very tight time frames for packing and shipping our meals. We like the convenience of the ice packs been delivered to us already frozen and always on time. This saves us valuable time and on labour costs. The Thermal Ice staff are always great to deal with and nothing is too hard for them to accommodate our requirements, even on very short notice. Thanks “Thermal Ice” team.

Jenny, Operations Manager

Online Meal Delivery Company, QLD

We are a major seafood processor in South Australia and have been purchasing Gel Ice Packs from Thermal Ice for approximately 8 years. During this time we have found that the different sizes and range of products are beneficial in transporting and distributing our seafood and is very cost effective. What we especially like about this company, is their commitment to customer service excellence. If for some unknown reason we run out of Ice Packs, they go the extra mile to ensure we receive our goods immediately without any delays. We highly recommend their ice packs and this company to all seafood processors.

Michael, Purchasing Manager

Seafood Processor, SA

Our company has been using the Thermal Ice Gel Packs for the transportation of fresh flowers all over Australia for a few years now. We can honestly say that we previously used other competitor’s products but, since switching to Thermal Ice product which is a more quality product that better suits our needs. Thermal Ice gel packs are the best product on the market and we highly recommend them.

John, Manager

Flower Wholesaler, Sydney NSW

Our school has over 1000 students and is very sports focussed. Our students and sports teams have been using the Thermal Ice Instant Cold Packs for sports injuries for many years. We love how they are so easy to activate and stay cold for over 20 minutes. We no longer need to prepare ice and carry it around in heavy eskies. Great product and very convenient !!!

Jason, Senior Co-ordinator Physical Education

Private School, Brisbane QLD

We switched over to the “Thermal Ice” IcePak Wraps after using a competitor’s product for over 5 years. Their Dry Ice Packs is of a high quality and better performing. We love how the IcePak Wraps only take 5 minutes to hydrate and the sheets don’t stick together in the freezer unlike other brands.

Peter, Director

Online Ready-Made Meals delivery business, Melbourne VIC

I recently came across the soak in water IcePak Wraps from other laboratory / pharmaceutical companies using the dry Ice pack sheets to transport their specimens. Our company was previously using a different product on the market but we chose to switch over to the Thermal Ice brand. It is a superior product and keeps our specimens at the required temperatures for longer periods of time during packaging and transportation. Great product.

Jurgen, Laboratory Supervisor

Laboratory / Pharmaceutical company, Sydney NSW

Our hospital has been using the Thermal Ice Instant Hot and Cold Packs for some time now and I highly recommend them. The packs perform better than other brands and have provided a solution to our infection control and occupational health safety & welfare issues. This safe hot and cold therapy utilised on patients is invaluable. We also use the covers for the packs which fit perfectly!

Jane, Registered Nurse

Private Hospital, Melbourne, VIC

Our soccer club has over 20 junior and senior teams and all of them have the Thermal Ice Instant Cold Packs in their first aid kits. They work instantaneously by providing cold therapy for sporting injuries. The Instant Cold Packs are easy to store and carry in a sports bag, they are fantastic and last a long time.

Jason, Club President

State League Soccer Club, Perth WA

I am the owner/operator of a camping and fishing store in Brisbane, Queensland and I am aware of all the different types of Gel Packs currently available in the market place. I have no hesitation in recommending Thermal Ice as one of the best and most reliable Gel Packs available. We will continue to stock these products and recommend them to our customers who go camping and fishing as they are very durable and last for a very long time. The Thermal Ice gel packs are one of our best sellers in our store and the feedback we have received to date is very positive.

Garry, Owner/Operator

Camping & Outdoor Store, Brisbane QLD.

The Abbeyfield Society (Mortlake) Inc, an aged care facility, won the contract for the town’s meals on wheels service, preparing and delivering up to 20 meals a day. Being new to this kind of service, we had to start from scratch and purchase a product that needed to keep the meals we deliver at the required standard temperature. We came across Thermal Ice Re-Usable Hot/Cold Gel packs from our local distributor and to this day still use their product. The Thermal Ice gel pack has proved to be useful and specific for our requirements. Each annual food audit, the inspector has approved and certified the use of the Thermal Ice pack for our purpose. Abbeyfield Mortlake’s catering staff swear by the pack and will continue to use them for years to come.

Gerry, Manager

Abbeyfield Society (Mortlake) Inc – Aged Care Facility, Mortlake VIC.

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