Pre-Frozen Gel Ice Packs

Pre-Frozen Gel Ice Packs

Pre Frozen Gel Ice Packs for shipping

Pre-Frozen Gel Ice Packs - Cold Chain Packaging & Shipping Solution

Are your Gel Ice Packs not freezing on time or taking too long to freeze?

Don't have enough time to freeze the Gel Ice Packs before packaging and shipping of your temperature sensitive products?

Maybe you don't have enough freezer space to store the Gel Ice Packs?

Thermal Ice has the solution. We supply and deliver already frozen Gel Ice Packs directly to your premises for your convenience.

  • Our frozen Gel Ice Packs come in full pallet quantities in different specifications and sizes.
  • Delivered frozen to your premises.
  • Vast network of freezer storage and distribution facilities throughout Australia.
Frozen Ice Packs for shipping
Frozen Gel Packs in freezer storage

Frozen ice packs Ideal For

  • Large volume users of Gel Ice Packs that may not have enough time to freeze the packs.
  • Customers with minimal freezer space.

Advantages of Frozen Ice Packs

  • Eliminate lengthy freezing times by having the frozen Ice Packs delivered to you ready for immediate packaging and cold shipping of your products.
  • Frees up your valuable freezer space.
  • Reduces energy costs with less power used to freeze the Gel Ice Packs.
  • No sorting required to freeze packs saving labour costs.
  • No downtime, saving you valuable time and money.
Pre Frozen gel ice packs for packaging and cold shipping of foods

Many sizes available in our Pre-Frozen Gel Ice Packs range. Download our complete product range of our Gel Ice Packs for all sizes and specifications. Contact us to further discuss your individual shipping and packaging requirements.

Frozen Gel Ice Packs For Your Convenience – Delivered Australia Wide.
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