Gel Ice Packs

Gel Ice Packs

Food safe water based gel refrigerant gel ice packs

Ice Replacement Solution for Cold Chain Packaging & Shipping

Gel Ice Packs are a non-toxic, eco friendly, water based gel refrigerant which are ideal for the shipping of temperature sensitive products.

Beneficial for keeping your foods, perishables, pharmaceuticals and other temperature sensitive products cold and fresh during storage, cold chain packaging and shipping.

Simple to use

Place the Gel Ice Packs in the freezer. When frozen, apply the ice packs to products to keep cold and fresh.

Reusable Gel Ice Packs are Ideal for:

  • Ready made meals.
  • Perishables.
  • Seafood, meat and poultry products.
  • Dairy products.
  • Pharmaceuticals, laboratory and medical samples.
  • Serums, vaccines and antibiotics.
  • Fresh or frozen foods.
  • Fruit and vegetables.
  • Chocolates.
  • Flowers.
  • Other temperature sensitive products.
Gel Ice Packs for meal, food, seafood, pharmaceuticals delivery
Food safe and non-toxic Gel Ice Packs for pharmaceuticals


  • Food safe, non-toxic and eco friendly. Keeps products colder for longer.
  • Ensures your foods and other products arrive in a fresh and appealing state.
  • The Reusable Ice Packs can be reused many times. Clean with no mess or leakage.
  • Simple to use and cost effective. Alternative to messy ice.
  • Strong durable plastic film. High quality and strong seals.
  • High performance freezing capabilities.
  • Packed in specialised ventilated cartons with air holes for faster freezing.
  • Ideal for local, interstate or international transport.
  • Simply freeze and use. No soaking required.
  • 100% Recyclable plastic film (LDPE No: 4 recycling code).
  • Australian made. Custom printing and sizing available.

Gel Ice Packs with Bubble Wrap

  • Gel Ice Packs laminated with bubble wrap on one side and used as a protective layer from freeze burn, which eliminates the potential damage to your goods.
  • Bubble Wrap Ice Packs are ideal for shipping live seafood and medicines.
  • Gel Ice Packs with Bubble Wrap available in 500 Gr and 1 Kg specifications. Custom sizes available on request.
Gel Ice Packs with bubble wrap
Gel Ice Packs for Tuna Gullet by Thermal Ice

Gel Ice Packs - Tuna Gullet

Made with a narrow width so the ice pack can be frozen and inserted into the gullet of the large fish which keeps it cold and fresh from the inside out.

Custom Sizing and Custom Print Gel Ice Packs

Thermal Ice has the largest range of gel ice pack specifications and sizes in Australia which enables our customers to meet their specific packaging and shipping requirements.

In the event that you do not see your preferred specification on our product list a customised solution is available.

Need your logo and information on your gel ice packs? Custom print can be arranged and will be a cost-effective way to brand your business. Please contact us for more information.

Customized Gel Ice Packs by Thermal Ice

Gel Ice Packs Specifications – Most Common Sizes

Gel Ice Packs Plain

Product CodeWeight (Grams)Dimensions (L x W) (mm)Carton Qty. (Units)Full Pallet Qty. (Cartons)
IPAA200200160 x 1309460
IPA300300230 x 1506460
IPAD300300200 x 1206460
IPB500500230 x 1504060
IPC500500300 x 2203860
IPD500500245 x 2003660
IPTG500 - Gullet500280 x 903860
IPD750750245 x 2002460
IPF750750300 x 2002660
IPF10001000300 x 2202060

Gel Ice Packs with Bubble Wrap

Product CodeWeight (Grams)Dimensions (L x W) (mm)Carton Qty. (Units)Full Pallet Qty. (Cartons)
SIPB500B500230 x 1502484
SIPF1000B1000300 x 2001284

Australia’s Largest Range of Gel Ice Pack Sizes & Specifications.
Contact us today for a quote or more information.
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