IcePak Wraps - Dry Ice Packs

IcePak Wraps - Dry Ice Packs

IcePak Wraps Dry Ice Packs for packaging and shipping

IcePak Wraps (Dry Ice Packs) - Ice Replacement Solution for Shipping

IcePak Wraps commonly known as hydratable soak in water dry ice packs are flexible sheets made up of individual cells (65mm x 55mm cell size) that contain a non-toxic super absorbent polymer. When soaked in water for approximately 5 minutes, absorbs the water and hydrate.

Various sizes and specifications available and heavy duty 3-layer ice sheet for a better, longer and colder performance.

The sheets are then frozen and applied to your valuable perishables or other temperature sensitive products to help maintain coldness during packaging, shipping and storage.

The IcePak Wraps (Dry Ice Packs) can also be used for cold therapy first aid and pain relief.

Simple to Use

  • Place dry ice pack sheets in water for approximately 5 minutes or until hydrated.
  • Remove the hydrated dry ice pack sheet from water and wipe with a damp cloth for optimal performance.
  • Place IcePak Wraps in freezer overnight.
  • Apply to goods as needed to keep cold and fresh or use for cold therapy first aid and pain relief.
Dry Ice Packs - How to hydrate
Dry Ice Packs for shipping fruit and vegetables

IcePak Wraps (Dry Ice Packs) are Ideal for:

  • Ready made meals.
  • Perishables.
  • Seafood, meat and poultry products.
  • Dairy products.
  • Serums, vaccines and antibiotics.
  • Pharmaceuticals, laboratory and medical samples.
  • Fruit and vegetables.
  • Chocolates.
  • Flowers.
  • Other temperature sensitive products.
  • Maintaining drinks and food cold in eskies / coolers.
  • Cold therapy for first aid.


  • Maintains a cold temperature and ensures your products arrive in a fresh and appealing state.
  • Simple to use and cost effective.
  • Alternative to messy ice and heavy frozen gel ice packs.
  • Dry Ice Packs are re-usable, flexible and can be wrapped around your products for better cooling.
  • The ice sheet is specially formulated and when thawed retains the fluid within the sheet cells.
  • No watery mess.
  • IcePak Wrap Sheets do not stick together in freezer as have plastic on front and back of sheets.
  • Superior in performance compared to competitor products.
Dry ice packs for shipping serums, vaccines and antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, laboratory and medical samples
Reusable or disposable dry ice packs for shipping seafood
Reusable or disposable dry ice packs for food shipping in Australia

IcePak Wraps (Dry Ice Packs) - 3 Layer Specifications

Different sizes available in 3 Layer (plastic film on the front, non-woven material in the middle & an extra layer of plastic film on the back of the sheet). Heavy Duty for better performance and remains colder for longer. Sheets do not stick together when freezing.

Product CodeSheet DescriptionDimensions (L x W) (mm)Absorbency (Approx. Weight when Hydrated) (Grams)Carton Qty. (Units)
IPW5332C3 x 2 cells (6 cells)195 x 150250 GR1,200
IPW5324C2 x 4 cells (8 cells)300 x 130330 GR900
IPW5362C6 x 2 cells (12 cells)390 x 150500 GR600
IPW5364C6 x 4 cells (24 cells)390 x 3001000 GR300
IPW5312P6 x 4 cells (24 cells)
Perforated every 1x2 cells
390 x 3001000 GR300
Dry Ice Pack Wraps

3x2 cells – IPW5332C

Dry Ice Packs with 2X4 cells available in Australia

2x4 cells – IPW5324C

Dry Ice Packs with 6X2 cells available in Australia

6x2 cells – IPW5362C

Dry Ice Pack Wraps Large size

6x4 cells – IPW5364C & IPW5312P (Perforated)

Best Performing Dry Ice Packs in the market. 

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